What We Do

Hiring a firm or person to assist with marketing is no small or easy task.  But knowing what someone can do for you - and importantly won't do - is very important.

We work with you with your best interests in mind. We know you have goals and objectives, and we must fully understand those before we can begin to do our job.

We won't tell you what to do without obtaining your input and getting your ideas - but we will probe and ask questions such as the "why" and "how."  We also won't work without your being a part of the process to the degree you wish to be involved.

So, what, exactly, do we do?  In an effort to put together a bit of a list, we focus in these areas (hover over each for more information):

  • Strategic and marketing plans (with a focus on integrating new media with traditional marketing channels)
  • Brand identity (ensuring your brand, logo, graphical elements, and messaging platform are where they need to be)
  • Web (clients must have a website that supports their marketing efforts and plan - we can help get your site up to snuff, whether with an update/refresh or with an overhaul)
  • E-communications (email marketing and database marketing are important tools)
  • Social media (changing rapidly, yet delivering powerful results for many, we help clients develop and implement a social media strategy)
  • Print (we help clients with brochures, marketing materials, direct mail, other print collateral)
  • Measurement / Analysis (all marketing must be measureable and accountable - we can show you how to accomplish this!)
  • Public relations (tried and true, and so important both today and in the future)
  • Loyalty Programs, Promotions (for some clients, these are very effective marketing tools)

More specifically, we work with your team to ensure new media works in conjunction with traditional communication channels to drive business results.

And that, we believe, is what marketing is all about.