Madison Marketing Musings

A real life political example of how to use Twitter (and how not to). Russ Feingold, you are a true example!

Twitter is all about joining in a conversation.

It is not effectively used as a megaphone (which, truth be told, is how I used it until I figured it out). It does not work well as a one-way channel to communicate ideas.

Rather, Twitter

is ideal for sharing words or articles of wisdom, and for reaching people and communicating with them in a way that is both more casual and more public than an email.

The Marketing Industry Through the Eyes of a Marketing Intern - Early Observations and Great Expectations

A 20-year-old marketing intern starts her summer - and offers some early expectations and insights into what her summer will be like. We'll check in at the end of summer - what held true?

Word of Mouth Marketing, Part 2: The excellent service visit to the car dealership

Who likes to take their car to the dealership to get service work done. Right, not many of us do. So when the writer took her vehicle for a simple service yet expected a huge bill, she was quite surprised and thrilled when the dealership did a great thing. This has lead to great word of mouth marketing for the dealership.

The Fabulous Visit to the ER: turning customer expections on its head (resulting in great word of mouth marketing)

About a week ago, I had a most enjoyable experience in the ER.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Enjoyable and ER are used together in the same sentence (is this a first?).
But why am I proclaiming this? It all starts with customer expectations...

When in Hawaii, do as Hawaiians do....(and simply use common marketing sense)

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